Inspiring the Workforce the Motivational Speaker Success Way

We understand the toil that employers and employees go through. They work day in and day out, making sure that the mission and vision of their companies are fulfilled. They strive for excellence. They try to meet their goals and reach for their dreams, but their path to excellence is marked by numerous hurdles, such as challenging situations and difficult people whom they have to deal with.

Their stress levels at work are high. They always have to be at their best to produce favorable results. That is why it is important to keep the workforce inspired. It is essential to encourage managers and employees to improve and continue learning new things. It is also critical to form healthy relationships at work. These imperatives, however, do not happen overnight.

Human resources trainings and seminars are done to ensure the improvement of the employees. A consultant may train the managers who, in turn, will teach their employees on key work principles. That may save some time and money for the company, but it helps to have an outsider to impart new knowledge – a fresh face who can pique the interest of managers and employees alike. Such speaker, one who is without bias and prejudice, is also trained to speak well and engage his audience.

It is also a different experience when managers and employees are gathered at the same time as opposed to having separate trainings for the bosses and workers. The sense of togetherness at team buildings and seminars surely bring about closer friendships. The trust and respect among co-workers are strengthened, and unity is formed.

There are also various key lessons that have to be imparted on managers and employers during such team building talks and seminars. Head honchos and managers must be constantly taught about leadership and its multi-faceted aspects. They should know that a leader is not just someone who has to be followed because of his authority. He must be followed wholeheartedly because he possesses expertise and more importantly, integrity. The challenges of change management must also be brought up because workers have to accept that change is unavoidable, but the reactions to changes in the workforce can surely be managed.

Separate talks about customer service, sales and communication must also be given to managers and employees. These are aspects that just cannot be mentioned in a breeze as they are actually core concepts that have to be mastered by managers and workers. Employees should be capable of anticipating the needs of customers to solve such problems before they blow up. It is important for managers and workers to have proper communication skills and foresight so that they can provide commendable and memorable customer service.

Talks on employee engagement, meantime, can be given to focus on how to make workers feel valuable. Expect better results when workers feel indispensable. Communication tools must also be imparted to the audience to lower their resistance to change, minimize their turnover, and reduce their difficult behavior.

Our talks on sales management tend to break away from the traditional way by teaching managers how to hold their workers accountable without rebellion. Sales agents are taught how to immediately build trust and state the value of their service to clientele, while managers are trained to maximize their sales performance figures. Managers are also taught on how to indentify talent and potential during an interview, improve professional relationships with staff members, and deal with ego-driven producers.

When managers and employees are well-equipped with the right skills in leadership and communication, our company, motivational-speaker-success, believes that this will lead to a better working environment and hopefully, to more profitable businesses. Bosses and workers are reminded that the end goal must not stop at monetary gains.

To maintain or increase net income, the workforce must be looked after and taken care of. Talks on safety highlight the importance of making all members of the workforce aware of the well-being of their fellowmen. It is not enough to implement safety measures and precautions. It is vital to cultivate a culture of awareness in the workplace so that staff members and bosses will look after one another despite the hierarchy.

A team culture must be brought about in the workforce through team building talks. By imparting innovative communication skills with the help of our speakers at motivational-speaker-success, there a great chance for managers to listen more and workers to trust their leaders and co-workers.

The pressing problem of having a melting pot of generations in a workforce is addressed through the generational differences module. The generation clusters are broken down and their characteristics are tackled to bridge the generation gap and make working relationships better.

We also offer specialized motivational-speaker-success programs for those in the health care and education sectors have also been crafted. The healthcare module aims to help health workers become more communicative, trusting, accepting and accommodating in the hectic medical field. The education module aims to mold educators into better influencers and problem-solvers as they deal with issues concerning students, teachers, parents, and school administrations.

Aside from giving focus to the aforementioned topics, what makes us stand out is that our talks are customized per client. We take pride in our customized content backed by intensive research. Moreover, we are known for our original humor injected in our talks.

We intend to awaken, energize, and touch the emotions of our listeners through professional humor.

Through animated and informative talks given by our renowned motivational speaker, Garrison Wynn, motivational-speaker-success provides a unique motivational experience for our clients. That is our way of inspiring and honing the workforce – through personalized, well-planned, and entertaining talks.

Author Bio:
motivational-speaker-success is a professional keynote speaker with over 20 years experience. Averaging 100 speaking engagements a year, he is known worldwide for his highly entertaining, customized and research driven keynotes.

Proper Conduct When Dealing with Trading Pins

With collecting trading pins, you get to meet a lot of enthusiasts as well. These people are also out to meet other collectors to be able to buy, sell, or trade with them in order for their collection to grow more or to be able to get a complete set of pins of a certain theme. When interacting with other collectors, etiquette is always necessary. This ensures that each interaction will be smooth and proper.

Here are a few tips to remember when you start talking with other collectors:

•    Finding out who collects trading pins during special events is fairly easy. Most collectors would show off their pins by wearing them on their clothes, vests, or hats so that they can “showcase” their goods. If you want to get their attention, just politely call them and then point out a pin that you’re interested in.

•    When pointing out a pin that you want, make sure that you don’t touch the pin out of respect to the owner; you can instead ask them to bring the pin closer so you can inspect it further.

•    Make sure that the pins that you bring along for trade are undamaged, presentable, and clean.

pins•    If you like a certain pin but you don’t have all the information about it, you can ask the owner of the pin for more detail. You can also ask other collectors for their opinion.

•    If you are not sure of the conditions that the collector you’re talking to has set during the trade, you may politely call it off; you must also not force a fellow collector to agree with the conditions that you would place during a trade.

•    When you point out a pin that you want, make sure to present a pin that would have an equal value that you’ll want to give in exchange. You should also have your own collection readily available so that the collector that you’re talking to might find something interesting among the pins that you have and suggest another trade.

•    If you see two collectors that are already talking about a trade, do not interrupt them; wait until they are finished before you approach them.

•    A handshake and saying, “Thank you,” are all that you’ll need to do to properly end the trade.

If you are far away and not able to attend trading events, it is still possible to make a trade with other collectors, thanks to the Internet. There are online message boards and forums dedicated for those that collect trading pins. Some even show their collections on such online hubs. If you are interested in a certain pin, you can send them a private message or an email to let them know you’re interested.

Your behavior online must still be observed. Unlike talking face-to-face, it is harder to show your emotion with the use of words, and some might misinterpret your use of words.

There are few things that you must keep in mind when making an online trade:

•    Do not use all-caps when writing a message, as this will look like you are shouting or being angry.

•    Patiently wait for a reply from a person that you’ve sent a message to. Only do a follow-up message if you don’t get a reply from him after a few days.

•    If someone sends you a message, try to reply to him as soon as you can.

•    If you see an interesting pin and you’re not sure of its value, try to ask other collectors that might be online as well. It is also best to ask about the reputation of the collector that had posted the pin.

Whether it is an online trade or face-to-face, remember to behave properly with collectors of trading pins so that everyone will have a good time and trading will remain hassle-free.